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You may not give your carpets much thought in your day-to-day life. When they’re constantly underfoot, you may feel like they are more “out of sight, out of mind” than anything else. However, when your carpets start to look grungy or are marred by an accidental spill, you may realize just how big of a role they play in how your living environment. Our professional carpet cleaners can help you better understand the importance of maintaining your carpets through frequent cleaning, as well as how you can keep your home looking its very best by keeping them in great shape.

Important Insights From Professional Carpet Cleaners

We’ve compiled a list of quick facts to give you some often-overlooked insights into how your carpets are contributing to your family’s health and what you can do to protect your carpets’ lifespan and integrity.

1. Carpets work much like air filters in your home.

You may not realize that, without carpets in your home, there would be a lot more dust lingering in the air. Because of their spongey qualities and networks of dust-trapping fibers, carpets are able to take in and hold onto large amounts of airborne particles.

This can be a positive thing for your air quality, at least until your carpets become so dirty that they can no longer do their job effectively. With regular deep carpet cleaning, you can have greater confidence that you’re enjoying all the positive aspects of a carpeted home.

2. Embedded soil can shorten the lifespan of carpet.

Dirt and soil can easily get trapped towards the backing of the carpet where even the most powerful vacuums can’t reach. With the presence of significant foot traffic, these gritty contaminants will grind against delicate carpet fibers, weakening them and causing them to break. If protecting your investment is a priority, you’ll need to do more than vacuum since vacuuming only reaches surface-level dirt.

3. Dirty carpets can contribute to asthma and allergies.

Have your allergy symptoms been ramping up without an obvious cause? Dirty carpets may be to blame. Excessive amounts of dust and pollen could be lingering right under your feet, kicked up with every movement. A consistent vacuuming schedule, as well as regular visits from professional carpet cleaners, is a must if you or a family member are dealing with respiratory issues.

4. A no-shoes policy can go a long way towards keeping carpets clean.

One of the best ways to protect your carpets and keep your home healthier in the process is to insist on a no-shoes policy. To help this policy stick, keep a shoe rack at all entrances to your home. When shoes are worn both indoors and out, dirt can easily be tracked onto and ground into your carpets, leaving stains and requiring more frequent cleaning.

5. Carpets should be cleaned by professional carpet cleaners more often than you may think.

Most carpets should be cleaned by professionals every 3-6 months to keep them in good condition. If you have children or pets or wear shoes in your home, err on the side of more frequent cleanings. Homes with fewer inhabitants can usually get away with cleanings twice per year.

6. Carpets will look and feel different depending on the professional carpet cleaners you choose.

Don’t hesitate to do some in-depth research before choosing a professional carpet cleaning company. Different companies use different methods and cleaning supplies, producing vastly different results. For example, steam cleaners and carpet shampooers often depend on cleaning solutions loaded with detergents and chemicals, which can leave behind a soil-attracting residue on your carpet. In contrast, the Hot Carbonating Extraction process from Chem-Dry enlists the natural power of carbonation rather than relying on sudsy formulas, leaving your carpets fresh, healthy, and dry within hours.