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woman and daughter cleaning together

When most of us think of cleaning, the word “fun” doesn’t exactly come to mind.  However, cleaning can actually be a fun, exciting, and enjoyable chore for the whole family.  Including the children in the household cleaning when they are home for summer break will give you an extra set of hands and offer some great family bonding time.

There are a number of simple and creative things you can do to get the kids involved in cleaning.  Children love pretending, so you can always use “pretend play” to make the job more exciting.  You can pretend that you are maids, butlers, or even Cinderella and get set for a fun and exciting cleaning experience.  You can even dress up to get yourselves more into character.  This is a great tool for engaging your littlest cleaners.  Not only will the children be eager to get in on the vacuuming and mopping, but they will have a great time doing it!

Another tip for making cleaning more fun is the use of competition.  Children love games and competition and this works well with children of all ages.  Make it a game by seeing who can get their room the cleanest.  A timer can also be used to see who can “race the clock” to get their chore done. Another idea is to turn cleaning into a scavenger hunt and ask your child to search for items as they clean.  For younger helpers, you can encourage them to pick up and sort items by color.  This is also a great educational activity.  You can even distribute ribbons to the child who is the most helpful and completes their chores on time.

Take your child shopping and let them pick out some cleaning tools that are colorful and just their size.  Using kid-sized tools will definitely make for a more enthusiastic helper.  It will also make the process much easier for them, as they will be able to hold and manipulate the equipment much easier.  This is a great way to introduce children to a variety of different supplies and their uses.

Nothing makes cleaning more fun than singing and dancing.  Get ready to turn up the music and have a blast while cleaning.  Your children will love getting to play their favorite songs while helping care for the home.  You should also set clear rewards for your child.  Consider using an incentive chart or plan a special activity for your child once they accomplish their task.  It will motivate your child to work hard and get the job done right.

In addition to these fun cleaning activities, it is important to establish a cleaning routine with your child. This will give your child an opportunity to become more responsible and understand the importance of caring for their home.  Your child will also love having some special time set aside just for your family.  Consider these tips to make cleaning your home more enjoyable.

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